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You know when you see something that you just got to have?


We know the feeling.


Our story is simple

We enjoy the unexpected, celebrate the undiscovered and aim for the uncommon. Basically, we like interesting things. And we know you do too. That’s why we’re here – to bring you the coolest, most creative finds every day.


How we got started

Our favorite thing to do is shop for the perfect gift. One that not only embodies our recipient’s personality and lifestyle, but also serves a purpose. But with so much out there already, scouring seemingly-endless websites and shopping in-store got stressful. And if the gift-giving experts are overwhelmed (us), then we assume you must be, too. We created G2Have so you never feel like you need to go far to find something special.

We hope you like what you see.


What makes it worthy

Visual appeal is just the beginning. Everything we post is thoroughly vetted. If it’s on our site then you know it’s functional, high-quality, researched, reviewed and raved about. We would never feature goods that we wouldn’t buy ourselves, and we stand behind our recommendations. The point is to fill your screen with joy. Not regret.


A different experience

The first thing you should know is that we don’t actually sell anything. Our purpose is to collect the coolest discoveries from around the web and give them the attention they deserve. We’ll tell you everything we know about a product, but you’ll need to go elsewhere to get it. Don’t worry – we’ll show you who has it and for how much.


Where to go from here

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Suggest Something Cool

We’re always looking for the next new thing. If you have a G2Have idea, then let us know.

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Contact Us

Tell us what you love, or what you don’t about G2Have. We can take it.

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